Meet your digital creative.

Digital Consultant & Brand Identity Designer (B.A.) based in NRW, Germany.

Hello there! My name is Wesley Grees, and I help modern CEOs strengthen their brand with organized strategy and tailored creative experiences. While my skills are wide and varied, I specialize in consulting, brand design & development, and website design.

I am one of the fortunate few who have made a career out of my favorite hobby. Since the birth of my craft in 2015, I have expanded my portfolio to cover all types of improvement in both my personal and business life. In my profession, I am a problem solver who is concerned about my clients’ present needs, challenges, and goals. I speak to you as a business owner, not just as a designer looking to create beautiful designs. My tools have already assisted other clients with comparable business difficulties.

I have collaborated with a lot of amazing brands. I am constantly searching for new clients to work with on creative projects. Send me an email with your idea, whatever it may be, and let us talk!

I always trust in open and honest communication between my clients and me. I am here to not only learn about your business but also to outline your difficulties and objectives. Only then will I be able to assist in their practical resolution. I ensure that your investment continues to pay off by measuring and reviewing results consistently. After all, my success is directly related to yours.

What makes me different?


I have been producing top-notch digital solutions for global businesses since 2015.


I am passionate about my work. No matter how big or small the job, I approach it as if it were my own.


Working one-on-one with me guarantees total concentration and communication on your project from beginning to end.


My business enhances your business. The care and attention to detail will be excellent.

Years of innovations


I find new ways to solve my clients’ problems. Modern branding tactics are evolving faster than ever before, and my skill set has developed in tandem.

typical budget framework

1200 € –

10.000 € +

I am adaptable enough to perform with a wide range of budgets. We will work together to find the best option for your budget without compromising quality.



Over the course of my professional career, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clientele. From prominent names to small non-profit organizations, pretty much everything has been included. Thank you for putting your faith in me!


Brand Design &  Development
Divi Web Design


Passionate People
New-media Creators
Service-Based Entrepreneurs
Product-Based Entrepreneurs